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Sunny Analytics

Analytics but effortless.
100% anonymous.

Powerfull but easy to grasp statistics about the visitors on your website.

No IP addresses used and no cookies used, fully anonymous analytics. No cookie banner needed.

Also, our tag can have a custom domain, just for you, for a more private website:

<script src=customdomain.com></script>

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  • Super clear real-time reports
  • 100% anonymous analytics
  • 100% visitors reported
  • No IP addresses, no cookies used
  • No cookie banner needed
  • USA or EU, keep your data local
  • Custom domain tag
  • Few minutes easiest setup
  • Free!

100% visitors reported

With most other analytics services you need a cookie banner.

Which if setup according to the data privacy laws in the USA like Virginia's VCDPA and California's CCPA, only results in 50-60% consent. Meaning 40-50% of your visitors are not reported.

Sunny Analytics does not require a cookie banner, reporting 100% of your visitors.


Choose where you want your account registered and being served from, either USA based or EU based.

Your data will not leave the USA or EU depending your choice.

Custom domain tag

With the Pro Package and the Ultra Package you can register custom domains for your tags free of charge.

A custom domain tag will make all the requests on your website more concise, the requests to your Sunny Analytics account will be like your own website requests.

Super clear reports

Most analytics services are complicated, having thousands of metrics which are hard to comprehend and therefore to use.

What really is a visitor, what is a session, what is a return, there isn't a perfect method for these and ultimately are wrong most of the time.

Sunny Analytics focuses on one metric only, letting you instantly see all you really need to know.

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